Friday, August 17, 2012

Birthday, Traveling, and Summer Fun

Yesterday my "baby" boy turned 6 years old! I just can't believe it! Jared is my daredevil, who is always getting hurt because he tries "really cool tricks". He is my tough guy, but is still the one who loves to sit and cuddle with mommy. He is the boy that has his Papaw's (my dad's) personality...always saying something funny and has you rolling in laughter. And he's so smart! He's a joy, and I'm so very thankful for the 6 years that God has loaned him to us so far!

My friend's, The Marbles, are back from their first trip to EE to meet their 2 little boys and they passed court! In the next couple of weeks, Michelle and I will be traveling to Eastern Europe to bring those boys home! Please pray for us as we travel. I am super thrilled to join Michelle on this trip, and can't wait to see her and her family and meet her children that I have yet to meet! And so excited about getting to experience traveling to a different country, and being a small part of this adoption journey! Boy, will I miss my honey and my boys though! This will be longest I've ever been away from my little guys.
I'm also very grateful to Papa and Mama, who will be staying here with my boys while Joshua is at work during the day. Please pray for them as they travel here, and as they care for my crazy boys. :)

Over the last few weeks, we've had some friends over a couple days a week. So we've had a few adventures. Most days they wound up watching movies, and playing video games. But we got some letterboxing in, lots of tents were made, there was some hide and seek, a park trip, and lots of baking, to name a few. Here are some pics of some of our fun!
They seriously used every single blanket we own for these tent cities!

B and K's first letterboxing trip!
Jared found the first letterbox...loved how they hid this one!
This park had these beautiful bridges! Can't wait to go back here on a picnic.
We never did find this one...boy did we look!
This one took us awhile.
Nathan found a geocache on accident!
Yet another one we were never able to find. But we did find lots of mosquitoes at this one. :P

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Different Look and New Ventures

What do you think of my new look? I had a great time figuring out how in the world to change everything. I won't tell you how long it actually took me. :P
When I first started this blog, I just used a simple generic look, and chose some colors. This time I took my time, and tried different things until I found something I really like. It was fun!

I have thoroughly enjoyed the blog hop that I joined in! I have met some wonderful moms of boys, and have lots more blogs to follow. Yeah! Let me tell you, there are some amazing moms out there, who are a blessing and an encouragement! I so look forward to getting to know them better.

My friends are heading to EE REAL SOON!!! I am so excited for them, and am in much prayer as they go to meet their 2 children! I can't wait to hear all about their journey, and about the kids. And I sure can't wait to meet them in person! :)

Chandler and Robert

I frequent Reece's Rainbow ALOT, and I pray for those orphans to find families. It is an incredible feeling when I click on the button that says "My Family Found Me", and see that the children that I have been praying for have families!!! That's been happening alot the last couple days. WOOHOO! Praise the Lord! :D

On another note, I have been praying about how to raise money for our adoption. Money is the ONLY thing holding Joshua and I back from heading to another country TODAY to rescue some kids that need a family! I am not crafty, although I love to try :), and I can't work out of the home, being that I stay home with my boys and homeschool them.
So I've decided to look into caring for a child/children in my home. I know, I know, I think I just heard some of you say "what is she thinking?", "she already has 4 kids!!!". Well, I'm learning to listen to what God tells me, even if it's not the normal, sane thing to do. LOL! I realize that it will be hard, and that my time will be stretched. BUT, I love children and it's something I CAN DO to add to our adoption fund. My older 2 boys are starting the ABeka online streaming program for school this year, so that will be a huge help. My boys are excited about this new venture, as am I! So let us see what God does!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm Part of the M.O.B Blog Hop!!!

I am part of

Welcome everyone! I am Hannah, mom to the "Corner Boys", as I often call my 4 crazy boys. They are 10, 9, 7, and soon-to-be 6! I have just started blogging May of this year, so I am still learning a WHOLE lot! I just figured out how to add this blog hop thing to my page! LOL!

We are a Christian, homeschooling, and military (my Honey is in the Air Force) family! You can find out more about my family in my "About Us" page. I would add the link...but as I said, I'm still WAY new to this blogging thing, and have no idea how? :)

Here are my Corner Boys! :)

If you are a mom of boys - come and join the link up to meet and encourage each other:

Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Title

After much thought, I have decided to change the title of my blog. So you will be seeing "My Corners of the World" instead of "Our Corner in China". And it will be found at

We are not able to dive into an adoption yet,but I want to be able to blog about the goings on of our family. I also will be advocating for all of the orphans out there! God has put such a burden on my heart for children who do not have a family, and I want to share about them and ask you to help me pray that they find families real soon!

Thank you all so much for keeping up with our family!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Florida vacation

Whew! What a wild month we've had! Here's some of what's been going on in our family...I'm sure I will forget some things. ;)

The boys, my cousin, and I left Ohio for Florida the 19th of June at 4am! AH! That was EARLY! But, the first few hours everyone slept, so I drove in peace and quiet. So worth it. We enjoyed the first couple of days with my grandparents, who spoiled me with Chinese food (Yum), and loved on my boys. Then spent the next couple of days with my sister and my step-niece and nephew. The cousins had never met, so they had a blast! We took them to the park, the duck pond (my sister and I have fond memories of these places) the museum, and let them run ragged through the house. And I was told by my boys that I was not allowed to show you guys the pictures of their dress up sessions. LOL!

We then headed a couple hrs away to my parents house. We got there just in time for Tropical Storm Debby. 4 energetic boys and a storm to keep us indoors, do not mix! We had to make a trip to the store for some board games. I had had enough of the videos and video games. Haha. We had some great times with my family while there! We played alot of games, drank a whole lot of coffee (oh yeah), and ate even more (oh well, it was vacation!).
We wanted to plan a trip to the beach, and some wonderful friends of ours offered there pool for our use, but we had a problem. Remember Jared's broken foot? So I hired my Dad to cut THE CAST off after it had been on long enough. :) We would have had to wait until we got back to Ohio to get it off, and missed out on all the water fun! It took some time (and blisters), but Dad finally got it off. And then about died from the stench. Heehee! So we made it to the beach. AND spent plenty of time in the pool! YEAH!

We spent some time with great friends too! Boy, how I miss my Florida friends! The boys had an amazing time playing with 3 different sets of friends, and we got to visit 4 different churches where different friends and family attend. So I got to see lots of my loved ones!

My sister came with her kids, and we enjoyed a few days more together, and I got to visit with my other niece and nephew! I sure do miss them! NOT the greatest pics, because the sun was so bright, but here they are at Pineapple Willy's (one of our fav restaurants on the beach!).

And here is some slip and slide fun! :)

We spent the beginning of Independence Day ( I refuse to call it the 4th!), trying to wait out a thunderstorm under the overhang of our friend's house, so that we could go swimming. We sat there for an hour before we gave up and went home.
Aren't they sweet!
The real "Corner Boys"

We finished up our FL vacation with my Honey joining us for the last couple of days, and taking Mom (sadly,Dad had to work) with us to the beach! Here we are at Red Robin...I told you we ate alot! ;)
Mom and Elijah
Joshua with Seth and Jared
And Nathan with yours truly

Tree House pics for your pleasure!
Just "cause he's so cute!

I have a couple of special prayer requests ya'll!

1. Joshua's mom had a massive heart attack last night, and had to have surgery. She made it through surgery great and is doing wonderful today! She's up and around walking even. Praise the Lord! Please pray that she recovers well, and goes through rehab. I'm sure she will have to make some lifestyle changes as well, which won't be easy.

2. My friends, whom I have posted of before, are leaving REAL soon for their first trip to Eastern Europe! They will be meeting their 2 children for the first time, and doing all sorts of paperwork. Then they will have to leave and come home for a 10 day wait. After that, she and I will be going back to EE to get those sweet kids out of the orphanage, and bring them home!!! Please pray for all of the travel, and their time with the kids!