Friday, August 17, 2012

Birthday, Traveling, and Summer Fun

Yesterday my "baby" boy turned 6 years old! I just can't believe it! Jared is my daredevil, who is always getting hurt because he tries "really cool tricks". He is my tough guy, but is still the one who loves to sit and cuddle with mommy. He is the boy that has his Papaw's (my dad's) personality...always saying something funny and has you rolling in laughter. And he's so smart! He's a joy, and I'm so very thankful for the 6 years that God has loaned him to us so far!

My friend's, The Marbles, are back from their first trip to EE to meet their 2 little boys and they passed court! In the next couple of weeks, Michelle and I will be traveling to Eastern Europe to bring those boys home! Please pray for us as we travel. I am super thrilled to join Michelle on this trip, and can't wait to see her and her family and meet her children that I have yet to meet! And so excited about getting to experience traveling to a different country, and being a small part of this adoption journey! Boy, will I miss my honey and my boys though! This will be longest I've ever been away from my little guys.
I'm also very grateful to Papa and Mama, who will be staying here with my boys while Joshua is at work during the day. Please pray for them as they travel here, and as they care for my crazy boys. :)

Over the last few weeks, we've had some friends over a couple days a week. So we've had a few adventures. Most days they wound up watching movies, and playing video games. But we got some letterboxing in, lots of tents were made, there was some hide and seek, a park trip, and lots of baking, to name a few. Here are some pics of some of our fun!
They seriously used every single blanket we own for these tent cities!

B and K's first letterboxing trip!
Jared found the first letterbox...loved how they hid this one!
This park had these beautiful bridges! Can't wait to go back here on a picnic.
We never did find this one...boy did we look!
This one took us awhile.
Nathan found a geocache on accident!
Yet another one we were never able to find. But we did find lots of mosquitoes at this one. :P

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  1. I remember that day in the hospital when Jared was born. They are all so little!

    Love, Mom