Friday, June 8, 2012

Adoption, broken bones, and tree house

I have permission from my friend, Michelle, to share the link to her blog. Please pray for them, as she and her husband hope to travel for their first trip to meet their children within the next month or so. And then for Michelle and I,as we will leave a couple weeks after that, to bring them home! And pray that the transition for the kids is as smooth as possible. Michelle's link is below. Thanks ya'll!

I got my passport photos done a couple of days ago, and sent my passport renewal app in today! Yeah!

In other news, here's what we did yesterday...

Jared decided to do just one more back flip out of a tree,(after daddy said no) so that he could show his brothers that he could do it. It resulted in an ER trip and a broken foot. It's not a bad break...but no beach, or swimming, or parks. And we are headed to FL in a couple of weeks!!! 8(

And for those who have asked, here are updated pics of "Joshua's" tree house. :)

This is their trap door up underneath

And here's one from the side. He still plans to put the floor up, with a nice sized enclosure up top, and a 3 ft. deck with a railing around it. This project has become BIG! LOL!

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