Monday, June 18, 2012

That thing in our backyard!!!

We've had lots of neighbors come to our yard now and ask "What in the world are you building back here"? One neighbor jokingly asked if it was a fallout shelter. LOL! Joshua's dad came to stay with us for the weekend and help Joshua get alot of the treehouse built, so here are updated pics.

Here it is with 2 walls up!

And a side view...the door will be on that left side if you're facing it.

My cousin, my father-in-law, and Joshua putting the last wall up

Yeah! So there will be a huge window in the front that they can crawl in and out of. And Josh isn't done, oh no, he plans to put a loft over the top of that structure! And then will come siding, shingles, and entrances and exits. Phew! Also will be a railing and netting to keep my little boys from falling off this huge monster!

Many thanks to the friends and family (won't put any names) that have helped with the building of this! And to Seth and Nathan...they've done alot of gophering and loved every minute. :)

We leave in a couple days to go to Florida! I'm really excited, but I sure am dreading that long trip there, especially since we just got back from there! I'm really looking forward to spending time with my friends and family! I miss you all so very much!

I will leave you with this! Take a look at this video and PLEASE put your vote in! You don't have to sign up for anything and you won't get any spam! This is the last day to vote, so put yours in!!!


  1. I like That Thing In *Your* Backyard!! Great Job and Wonderful Love all wrapped up together~
    The Boys and All Their Friends and Family are gonna enjoy it SO much~ Parent of the Year Award :)

  2. Miss ya'll and can't wait till Saturday night!